Park Fellow Alumni Profiles

Natalie Grilion, MBA '12Natalie Grillon, MBA ‘12

After two challenging years in the Peace Corps, one of the major reasons I chose Johnson for my MBA was to continue my personal development and service to others through the Park program. The self- awareness I have cultivated and the ability to grow through feedback and reflection will continue to serve me throughout my career and personal life. I have also gained the ability to coach others in their own development. As much as the program has been challenging, it has been even more rewarding. Our role as fellows also enabled me to maintain my commitment to service by working with both the Cornell and Ithaca communities. One benefit I did not anticipate is the remarkable group of friends, of both my peers and members of the faculty and staff, who will continue to support and challenge me as I move on.

Pre-MBA Employer:

Peace Corps

Park Project:

In 2011, Kay Fok, Natalie Grillon, and Stef Levner researched many non-profit organizations to benchmark our client’s current communications activities. At the end of 2011, they presented their final communications plan and recommendations to the Finger Lakes Land Trust and ensured that the client was happy with result of project and aligned on recommendations. Leveraging their experience with FLLT and backgrounds in marketing, public relations and non-profit management, they designed a communications toolkit to be used by Johnson students who are helping clients within the Non-Profit sector. They established best practices in digital and social communications- a communications channel that they believe is less familiar in the non-profit and small business arena.

This project also gave them the opportunity to work with other Johnson organizations, such as BRConsulting, BRMicroCapital and the Johnson Board Fellows to discuss how the ready-to-use toolkit might look to best serve their non-profit clients. They anticipate that there may be other Park project organizations that could participate and benefit from this workshop as well.

Post-MBA Employer:

Acumen Fund