1. Alternative Outdoor Adventure at LACS

    Fellows: Laura Enos, Josh Goldenberg, Suzi Drabi

    Lehman Alternative Community School (LACS)'s goal is to provide an alternative curriculum, school governance philosophies, a community within the school, and a connection to the larger Ithaca community to prepare its students for a successful life. The Alternative Outdoor Adventure program will be a 9-week course where students will develop teambuilding, problem solving, and self awareness. The activities will be in the Ithaca community, and will encourage physical and mental fitness/wellness.

  2. Greater Ithaca Activities Center

    Fellows: Anne Agonis, Jennifer Anderson, and Colin Keenan

    The mission of the GIAC Pre-Teen Micro-Entrepreneurship Program is to introduce a group of at-risk youth to business, entrepreneurship, and the benefits of education. The project includes educational sessions covering basic business principles, visits with local entrepreneurs, and activities to promote college- and self-awareness.

  3. Ithaca Alternative School

    Fellows: Leo Rinaldi, Alex Johnson, and Megan Weber

    The Lehman Alternative Community School is a public middle and high school based in Ithaca, NY that offers alternative curricular and school governance philosophies and has a strong community focus. Park Fellows launched Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) -- an activity-based program designed to help students develop their ability to lead and influence others.

  4. Ithaca Development Fund

    Fellows: Justin De Koszmovszky, RJ Lumba, Larry Wasser

    The Ithaca Development Fund will provide equity capital to Ithaca businesses for the purpose of community economic development. IDF will target non-high tech, moderate growth businesses which might otherwise not have access to growth capital. Currently, a funding gap is perceived for Ithaca businesses that do not qualify for further bank debt and can not attract venture capital. Through the IDF, local businesses will have access to a new type of capital enabling previously stagnant enterprises to thrive in Ithaca. Working with local business people, the project is focused on launching the IDF.

  5. Ithaca Fine Chocolates

    Fellows: Ben Brown, Pete Cox

    The mission of Ithaca Fine Chocolates is to spread the love of high quality, environmentally and socially conscious sweets. This project is a business planning exercise to help the local small business' entrepreneurial founder, Erika Fowler-Decatur, expand sales of her organic/fair-trade Art Bar product line into the specialty chocolate market in the United Kingdom.

  6. Ithaca Multicultural Business Symposium

    Fellows: Jennifer Turner, Karson Clancy, Kenyattah Robinson

    The Ithaca Multicultural Business Symposium was an all-day event on Saturday, April 22 designed to introduce prospective entrepreneurs from underrepresented and disenfranchised communities in Ithaca and Tompkins County to the multiplicity of services that are available to help them start, sustain, and/or expand their small business. Our community partner was the Multicultural Resource Center, which seeks information about, focuses attention on, and creates dialogue around diversity issues, particularly racism, in Tompkins County.

  7. Main Street Science

    Fellows: Tom Huber, Andy Boyd and Susan Wu

    Main Street Science is an independent non-profit that serves as a community-based outreach program that develops hands-on science activities for students and the general public, particularly girls and underserved minorities. The project focuses on developing an optimal funding portfolio to sustain future operations.

  8. Office of Diversity and Inclusion/Diversity Action Group

    Fellows: Sharotyea Scott

    The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is working towards transforming Johnson into a model for diversifying the MBA student population and for training all MBA students to become leaders who effectively manage today's diverse customer bases and work environments. This project focuses on working with the ODI to create a structure for the Diversity Action Group that will address current diversity concerns and foster an environment of inclusion at the school.

  9. Tompkins Community Action

    Fellows: Elizabeth Wilson

    The mission of Tompkins Community Action is to partner with low-income households and individuals to develop greater economic and social opportunities. This project includes a comprehensive assessment of the 91 jobs within the organization and the organization's compensation system.