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Laura Guzman, CEMBA '14

Mar 10 2013

Finding Cornell at 10,000 feet

Laura Guzman, CEMBA '14

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a long-time Cornellian it’s that the Cornell community is always with you. Always. 

On a recent flight to a conference in Las Vegas I was pleasantly surprised to even find Cornell in the back pocket of my seat in the Delta Sky magazine (see page 136).

The article was an interesting piece on “Rethinking Business Education.” It reinforces the value of business education today (which I always enjoy reading about – legitimizes my decision!).

Associate Dean of the Cornell EMBA program, Beta Mannix, and program director Joe Ambrosetti, are in good company with other high profile contributors like Sheryl Sandberg. Together, they tackle a very important aspect of EMBA education: how to finance it.

There’s no sugarcoating it: an EMBA is no small investment. Beyond going through the process of determining how/whether you can cover the financial costs, there is another level of cost-benefit analysis you should do. Beta discusses considering the additional benefits beyond the classroom education itself, not the least of which includes the networking opportunities. Further, as Joe states, another important consideration is the weighing the ROI of the personal and professional advantages you gain from investing in yourself. 

To add my own perspective, there are countless other non-quantifiable benefits to take into account, including the significant development and enhancement of skills like time management and creative and critical thinking that I don’t think you could build better through any other sort of program or experience.

Whether you’re considering an EMBA program or are a current student in need of the reminder about why you’re doing this, the article is a great read for all.

Now, Delta: how about some Skymiles for helping drive people to your website?

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