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Mike Zani, CEMBA '13

May 22 2013

The party's over

Mike Zani, CEMBA '13

This goes out to my fellow classmates: The Incredible EMBA Class of 2013.

Graduation is only a few short days away, though it's a pretty strange feeling not having any schoolwork to attend to.  The required readings, the drafting of papers, or the preparing (actually cramming) for team conference calls.  Yes T5ers, I crammed for those calls like any college kid would.  So what if this college kid happens to be 40-something, I still brought "it"!

Anyway, this week has been replaced with preparing a short speech on the class experience to be delivered at commencement, ensuring (100 times) that I DID make those hotel reservations long long ago and that they still exist, constantly telling my kids that they are going to walk on the stage with me in front of hundreds of people so they don't get sudden stage freight, and that I absolutely find out where Bailey Hall is.  It's a different kind of EMBA-related stress.

Once Saturday comes, the feeling of pride and achievement will be overwhelming for us all.  These past 2 years have been very special for too many reasons to list, not only for me, but for all of us.  This is not a good bye, as many of us intend to stay in close personal contact.  That will not be the occasional e-mail, text or facebook post, but we WILL see each other often.  The bonds we have forged are simply way too strong.  Also, there will be the alumni events and the homecoming, and I have no doubt the EMBA Class of 2013 will give a strong showing for many years to come.

I have such fond feelings for so many of you.  Some of you have been so important to me and I honestly value our friendships more than words can say.  It will be an honor to be graduating with you this weekend.

On a separate note, this will likely be my final blog posting now that I am graduating, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who have read them.  I hope you have found my style to be somewhat entertaining, sometimes enlightening, but most importantly...that you found them authentic.  It's been an absolute pleasure to share my thoughts with you.  I wish you all nothing but the very best in this life.


-Michael G. Zani

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