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Michelle Chen, One-year MBA '14

Nov 14 2013

Halfway Through the Amazing One-Year MBA Journey

Michelle Chen, One-year MBA '14

When I took the second picture in late October to record the beautiful fall in Ithaca, I felt it was as yesterday when I took the first picture in the same location – under the McGraw Tower. Time flies. Even faster for us one-year MBAs. However, just as the leaves turned more colorful from the summer to the fall, I can’t help feeling wondered how much I learned, expected and unexpected, over the past six months. Wow, half of my MBA time is gone!
Thanks to the sharing of my classmates with amazingly diverse backgrounds and advice from the highly approachable Johnson faculty, I discovered some new career interests which I had never imagined before coming to Johnson. As a music lover, I explored and truly enjoyed the wide range of musical programs at Cornell and in Ithaca – a town known for its ubiquitous musicians! Every time I take a break under the McGraw Tower and watch the mesmerizing view of Cayuga Lake, I always feel grateful for this great learning experience I am undertaking.

So if you are looking for an exciting, challenging and adventurous journey, then welcome to the world of the one-year MBA! And I am more than happy to share what’s coming up in the next six months!

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