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Kelvin Lau, MBA '15<br/>Cornell Executive MBA Americas

Jan 27 2014

Business Venture Residential Session

Kelvin Lau, MBA '15
Cornell Executive MBA Americas

The second residential session has just kicked off and half of us cohorts are gathered here in Kingston, Ontario.  The other half will come next week after we leave for Ithaca.  Despite all the snow and being tired from the traveling, this really is an exciting time.  The advantage of our program is that most of us don't have to travel far to attend our regional board rooms.  But that also limits our interaction with cohorts in other cities.  Having these residential sessions is nice because it gives us that time to spend with cohorts we don't normally see.  It also makes us feel more like a "class".

Being in a class setting has been a good change.  We've already had spirited discussions in our sessions, and it definitely is different seeing a debate in person than over video conference.  The picture above shows the San Diego team pitching their points during the HR debate.  I'm sure as we get more comfortable with each other (we will be together for the next 12 days), the discussions will be even more lively.
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Cornell Executive MBA Americas


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