Michelle Chen, One-year MBA '14

Feb 24 2014

A Super Busy yet Fruitful Fall Semester!

The first thing on my mind in the fall was to decide what electives I would like to take. Having worked in operations and management consulting roles, I realized what I lack most is a financial and investment perspective and the understanding of the transaction dynamics.  So I took a few very interesting courses at Johnson - financial statement analysis (FSA) and financial modelling and at the law school – private equity playbook. (The FSA Professor Merkley was recently named “40-under-40 professor at B-School”, congratulations!). Filling the gap in my skill sets deepened my understanding of the business world and mostly importantly I would be more confident if I were confronted with similar issues in the future.

To know more about the financial world in particular investment, Johnson’s Parker Center is “must-go-to” place. In Nov. I got a chance to attend one of Parker Center’s highlight events - Women In Investing (WIN 2013) in Boston. It was a great opportunity to network with women MBA students from other top business schools and women investment professionals from leading investment companies. This conference widely opened my eyes to the investment world and I was very inspired by the keynote speech as well as many women professionals’ career stories.

WIN 2013 Stock PitchOne-year MBA students usually do not have as many opportunities to participate in case competitions as two-year MBA students due to the tight program schedule. But I really wanted to experience a real case competition and the effort was well worth it! In early Dec., I teamed up with three of my classmates Brad Lo Gatto, Ryan Higgins and Charbel Khalife (all one-year MBA ’14s) to participate the inaugural NYU Leveraged Buyout Challenge. The preparation was extremely intensive yet a lot of fun. We learned tremendously from the presentations by our MBA peers from other schools and the feedback from the judges who are veterans in the private equity area. Though we did not win this competition, some of my amazing classmates did shine in other case competitions: Micah Fuchs (one-year MBA ’14) and his team won the 2nd place at the Michigan Ross Renewable Energy Case Competition, Jordan Estevez (one-year MBA ‘14/Baker Program in Real Estate) and his team won the 4th place in the National Real Estate Challenge competition at UT Austin! Go one-year MBA fellows!

WIN 2013 Networking



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