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Michelle Chen, One-year MBA '14

Mar 16 2014

Reflection on the One Year Experience after Getting Admitted to Johnson

Michelle Chen, One-year MBA '14

Last year around this time, I was interviewed by the Johnson admissions team and eventually got an offer. Looking back, this past year has been a very unique and rewarding experience.

I was a late applicant and I had about one month before enrollment to handle registration, tuition payment, visa application, etc. However, the step-by-step manual provided by Johnson did help make the whole process manageable and smooth. For those who are still in the application stage for the one-year MBA program or just starting to prepare for the business school, enjoy every free minute you have, because the summer core is fast-pace and intense!

Having lived in Shanghai for over seven years (a city with a population of around 24 million), and having travelled constantly to major cities such as Beijing and Hong Kong, I wanted to spend some time in a peaceful and tight-knit community. Ithaca and Johnson proved to be a good match for me and studying in a small city like Ithaca was what I looked forward to.

The leadership education is also one of the highlights of my MBA experience. Though job searching is critical for MBAs, it is equally important to think about what kind of leader you want to become in the long run and what role in an organization you would like to undertake eventually. I benefited immensely from a wide range of leadership resources at Johnson, like the core course "Managing and Leading Organizations," the "Negotiations and Becoming A Leader" elective, and the Managerial Skills Program (MSP) and Leadership Skills Program (LSP). I was able to develop a better sense of my own leadership style, identify the areas I needed to work on, and get equipped with the new tactics and leadership skills for my future career.

Outside of class, this year’s winter in Ithaca has been imprinted in my mind. Although it was freezing and the biggest snow I have ever seen, I could not deny how beautiful the campus looked. It's a once in a lifetime experience, not to mention learning how to ski in the mountains. I thought I knew how to ski after learning in an indoor ski court in Shanghai, but I was off the charts wrong. Thanks to the Physical Education program at Cornell, I was able to take a skiing class and make new friends in this challenging and social activity.

It feels so great to conquer the mountains!

Skiing Class at Greek Peak

Sage Hall

Ezra Cornell's Snow Scarf and Hat

McGraw Tower in a Snowy Night

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