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Li He, MBA '14

Nov 16 2013

Don’t sell yourself short

Li He, MBA '14

I always have special respect to my veteran classmates, their sense of pride, their determination to conquer something, their high level of responsibility, all of them together shape them into a highly motivated and strong man. My father is one of them. Growing up with his spirit and stories, I always feel very strong in my heart!

General George Casey came to Cornell and gave us his speech, I was fully recharged again after his talk, the thing that hit my mind heavily is: Don't sell yourself short! In many situation, I feel we are too rush to make the decision, as a result, w don't end up with what is best for us. The uncertainty make people feel uncomfortable and rush to price ourselves low, that is not a right to negotiate. This remind me another sentence, you don't get what you deserve, you only get what you negotiate!

Again, like my friend Amanda remind me, keep your chin up, negotiate a better price for you!
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