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Kristin Grimm, MBA ‘15

Mar 27 2015

Meeting Warren Buffett… The Afterthoughts

Kristin Grimm, MBA ‘15

Preparing to meet the Oracle of Omaha is no simple feat. Picking the right shoes, identifying which questions to ask, and calculating how close your camera will be for the faint chance that you can snap a photo. It is no small event in your life to meet a person who is so excellent at their craft. And that excellence he claims, originates from simply loving what he does. A market man at eight, he knew what he loved – and that was stocks. It is pretty incredible to see what a love at eight can become in eighty years.

Meeting Warren Buffett - Group PictureWith poise and incredible wit, Warren Buffett spent over an hour sharing his life lessons. In one such lesson, he compared our lives to a blank canvas with each decision marking the canvas and every habit adding a deeper line. Over time these marks create the outline of our lives. “Did our painting represent our expectations?” he inquired. If not, then we need to modify our habits. Additionally, he noted the importance of focus in his success. Buffett suggested everyone make a list of priorities and focus their attention on the top three items. He reminds us that mastery of our time and emphasis upon key priorities will always aid us in effectively attaining our goals.

Throughout the conversation, Buffett stressed the significance of passion – how necessary it was for his own journey and how imperative it is for us to find ours. Passion was the fire behind his focus that encouraged him to absorb all things business, all the time. It was a job, it was his life. In and out of the classroom, Buffett found experiences that would aid in the creation of an empire. In addition to his patience, what is truly impressive is his agility, especially pronounced in his early years as an investor. He knew when he needed to refine a skill to play the game smarter and when it was time step back and reassess. It was as if Buffett made every decision focused on the next step in preparation of future opportunities. He referenced the importance of building a life that we would be proud to own. Knowing that one day, we will all make our version of history.

Grimm is a Roy H. Park Fellow, Student Council Communications Chair, President of the Women’s Rugby Club, and Board Member of America Needs You. Before joining Johnson at Cornell, she served as an M&A Consultant.

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