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Mike Zani, CEMBA '13

Mar 20 2012

Just need a minute...

Mike Zani, CEMBA '13

"It is difficult to live in the present, ridiculous to live in the future, and impossible to live in the past. Nothing is as far away as one minute ago." This is a quote I once heard, and not sure who gets the credit. So, until it's credit can be properly referenced?  I am using it.

Wow!  Did we really just finish off two more courses?  It literally feels like a minute ago when I last posted a blog entry, however my calendar tells me that estimation would hold 5% accuracy, with a standard deviation of said 5%.  In other words, incorrect.  Well, impossible to live in the past, right?

We just recently wrapped up our half semester which means we completed two courses: Business Strategy and Managing Operations.  Granted we completed these courses over 2 weeks ago, but I needed some time to regain my breath.  This was a long last 2 months, and I think it is a safe assumption that we are starting to feel to rigors of the program this semester.  Not that it has gotten any more difficult, but rather the endurance factor is growing as a challenge.  Hey, we all have personal lives, families, careers, other interests that require our attention, right?  Add in the fact that Dancing With The Stars is beginning again, and there just isn't enough time in the day!  You can clearly now see that this is certainly not a sprint, but a marathon.  These were a couple of intense (yet very enjoyable) courses, and that added to the exhaustion.  Analyzing business cases, trying to understand strategic concepts at play, and utilizing statistics to derive optimal scenarios in running an operation.  Trust me, it gets a exhausting.  But, as Professor Robinson has burned into our brains… How is it all going to be? It’s going to be… OK.


So I have caught my breath, and I am about to fully submerge into the depths of our next to courses of the semester: Managerial Finance and Marketing.  We will come back to those courses in my next blog (which will NOT be another 6 weeks away!).  I know… Ridiculous to like in the future…  So, for this very moment in time, I want to look at some moments of the past final weeks, just for one minute more…

Fresh off the end of a full weekend of classes, Team Six hung back at the Dolce Palisades to work on the details of our Business Strategy presentation.

Team Six's own Spencer Carter taking the class through our Business Strategy presentation.

Alina Shastun delivering her team's Business Strategy presentation.

OK, if this doesn't grab you, then I don't know what will…  There is actually a graded assignment called "The Beer Game" for Operations.  A team of players must manage beer inventory through the various distribution channels (manufacturer to retailer), and maximize the throughput of each.  In all the while, yeah…  You Get To Drink Beer!  You are being graded on moving and drinking beer - did you hear me?? 

All of Operations is not as fun as "The Beer Game", and this picture proves it.  A few of us held a study session at my office on a Friday night.  The good part was it was led by Team Six COO, Srenni Chamanthula.  The bad part… there was NO beer!  Just a lousy Diet Ginger Ale and a financial calculator.

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Hari Challapalli
  Nice one Zani ! Enjoyed reading it. Truly captures the 'Work hard, play hard' spirit of our class !
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Sachin Maheshwari
  Good one Mike! For sure its not a sprint, its a marathon...
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  Mike,your quotation or you using it, made me a bit sad, thinking over how nothing that we have done or missed can not be repeated and threw me into much more deep contemplations over the cycle of life. But I know that has not much to do with your post and my initial impetus of commenting on it:)Nevertheless, you are great in giving pretty detailed recaps of your classes and experiences, so I will keep enjoying reading your posts.
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Todd Anderson
  Go Alina and Team 5 (I'm not biased at all)! Great first half to the semester; hard to believe we're nearing the half way point of our journey in May. Thanks for sharing our adventure Mike.
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