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Joseph Irineo, CEMBA '13

Apr 14 2012

Ithaca, How I Miss Thee

Joseph Irineo, CEMBA '13


Spring is seemingly in full bloom!  Now that we’re a few months into our second semester, I can’t help but have a retrospective on the beginning of our school year, which began up in Ithaca, NY in January 2012. Make no mistake, one of the most unique aspects of the Executive MBA program at Cornell is our residency period in the main campus upstate which typically lasts for a period of 9 days. These experiences allow us to have the worthwhile experience of immersing ourselves further into the Cornellian culture, especially given the fact that our traditional class weekends are spent in Palisades, NY. One of my favorite classmates, Mike Zani, expanded on our experience in his blog post here: Mike's Blog

Despite the fact that throughout our Ithaca week, we were busy with juggling electives and the beginning of our second set of core classes, the administration did a wonderful job of setting aside plenty of social events for us... from a night at a museum...  to skiing on the slopes of Ithaca...  to dinner at the Dean's home. 

Even though people cringe at the thought of being up in snowy Ithaca in January, my classmates and I were more than happy to reconvene together on campus after break to catch up.

Below are some photos from the week that was...  can't wait to get back up there during the summer for our third residency session.

McGraw Tower in the winter

Sage Hall on one of the snowy days we were there

Ithaca at dawn - I didn't want to be late for 8am class, but I had to take this picture of the "moon setting" before leaving my room at the Statler Hotel

Valeri Tsanev and James Park ready to hit the slopes

Tickets to attend the Cornell vs. Princeton basketball game, arranged by the adminstrations

Class of 2013 classmates ready to head out for the night

Ivy League rafters

"Big Red" representing

Cornell "swag" - Johnson School students are very well branded!

Class time - not sure who brought the cup cakes on this given morning, but I sure was glad to be sitting right in front of it


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Philip Lew
  So you are in the exec mba program. very interesting it looks like malott hall lecture rooms have not changed much. i was in the 6 year m.eng./ mba program many years ago and also did my undergrad there. now i'm running a software testing firm, but do miss cornell very much. i recently went back and saw many modern glorious buildings, most of which I didn't like because I know they cost big bucks, which translates into higher tuition. I'm wondering, after spending only 9 days there, how much Cornell culture did you really absorb? and how would you describe that culture? I guess you are in NYC most of the time?
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Mike Zani
  Can't wait for next residence week. Great great times. But geez Joe... If I were really one of your favorite classmates, one might have thought that you would have saved me a cupcake or two. My elective classes that week just had those individually wrapped mint Life Savers.
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