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Cindy Nham, MBA '15

Jan 05 2014

Ithaca Withdrawals

Cindy Nham, MBA '15

As soon as finals were done in December, many of my classmates hopped on the next flight out of Ithaca.  We’d all had a crazy first semester, enduring all the pains of Core classes and were ready to head off to different corners of the world for some relaxation.  I stayed behind for a few days to attend recruiting events and tie down some loose ends that I was too busy to tend to during the semester.  The entire time, I was counting down the days to go back to sunny California. 

Strangely, in my two weeks of being in California, I found myself missing Ithaca. I missed having a packed schedule and always looking at the next big project.  I crave structure and routine, and winter break was none of the above.  Two weeks of waking up late and doing whatever I wanted (translate: nothing at all) is surprisingly draining. I was eager to come back to a new semester and start being productive again.  Above that, second semester holds a few exciting things that we have been working toward since starting here at Johnson.  Below is a short list of what I’m looking forward to this semester:

  • Immersions - I'm still debating between the Investment Banking and Managerial Finance immersions at the moment. But I already find the class topics vastly more interesting than the core classes.  
  • Skiing - After watching videos of toddlers skiing and having a kick-ass time at it, I decided it's time for me to woman up and learn to ski myself. Living in Ithaca, I've never been closer to an array of great ski resorts, so I might as well take advantage. This year, I resolve to learn to ski!
  • Israel - I get to jet off to this amazing place with some 20+ classmates during spring break.  I look forward to learning the history behind this land and setting foot on grounds that I've only read about in history books. 
  • No more corporate briefings. Enough said. 
  • Internships! - This is the semester that we all find out where we will be spending our summers! For investment bankers who spent all of last semester recruiting, banking offers will roll in around January while other concentrations will receive their offers later on in the semester.  After spending the last few months traveling to New York City for banking internships and flying to various US cities for finance internships, I'm ready to finalize my summer plans and sign my name to an amazing summer job.  To my classmates who will be interviewing in the next few weeks, I wish you all the best of luck! Who's down for a well-deserved steak dinner at John Thomas' when we're all done?!?

Going through first semester Core was a humbling and strenuous experience.  But it’s challenges like these that stretch you and grow you to become more resilient and prepared to tackle larger obstacles. I’m more refreshed than ever and ready to take on the next semester at Johnson.

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removals london
  I would also love to go to Isreal :)
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