Immersion Learning

Technology Investment Banking on the West Coast

by Said Mia, MBA ’13 (11/19/12)
Said Mia, MBA ’13

Upon entering my spring semester last academic year, I pursued Johnson's Investment Banking Immersion (IBI). Prior to Johnson, I worked in international finance for four years.  Having majored in business in undergraduate school, I wasn't interested in a strict general management program, but wanted a specialized one that would best enable me to make the transition into investment banking. 

I knew that I needed to be thoroughly interested in the curriculum in order to truly enjoy the experience.  The investment banking recruiting process can be rigorous and competitive.  Thus, I knew that Johnson’s comprehensive technical foundation – both qualitative and quantitative – would not only enhance my internship search, but also boost my investment banking career trajectory.

My summer internship was an amazing experience.  I was fortunate to work for a leading bulge bracket firm, catering to the investment banking needs of high-technology companies in Silicon Valley. The IBI allowed me to hit the ground running, and I faced only a minimal learning curve relative to my peers from other top schools.  I was already well-versed in creating pitch books, evaluating acquisition targets, and financial modeling.  My knowledge across equities, mergers and acquisitions, and debt capital markets all facilitated my ability to make bigger and better contributions to transactions instead of struggling to get up to speed as a new associate. 

With all of the tools that I had gained throughout the IBI, I proved myself very early in the summer and was subsequently charged with more exposure and responsibility than I could have ever expected.  As a summer associate, I soon became the lead associate on many transactions involving leading global software, Internet, semiconductor, and clean technology companies.  I was also able to present my work to top executives at the most fascinating high technology firms in Silicon Valley – all because of the technical soundness and fluency facilitated by Johnson’s Investment Banking Immersion.