Investment Banking

Investment Banking Immersion at Work

An interview with Dean Dutta featured in The Peak magazine

 Article focuses on the intersection of social media and big data

How Do Feminine Features Impact Negotiations?

Eric Gladstone, PhD candidate at Johnson, talks on the Wall Street Journal Digital Network about his new research on how feminine facial features affect negotiations--even for men. 

2014 Johnson Outdoor Experience

MBA Students enjoy outdoor challenges and teamwork exercises

Feminine Features are a Drawback at the Bargaining Table—Even for Men

New research suggests that people with feminine facial features are offered less in negotiations than those with more masculine ones, and are perceived as more cooperative. 

Johnson Professor of Operations Management Wins Award for PhD Dissertation

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals honors William Schmidt with Doctoral Dissertation Award

The Political Economy of an Emerging Power: In Search of the Brazil Dream

A new book by Johnson’s Lourdes Casanova encapsulates Brazil’s role in the new order of emerging economies and the steps the country needs to propel its economic growth

Johnson's Management Library Among Best of the Best

Library ranks #2 in the 30 most impressive university business school libraries for award-winning staff, frequent workshops, and database resources

Holding Analysts Accountable for Stock Recommendations

Johnson Finance Professor Roni Michaely gets behind TipRanks, an Israeli start-up that tracks the records of experts, who provide financial advice to investors

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