2006 Cohort

Phillip Bell

MBA 2007 – The Johnson School at Cornell University

Phillip served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force Civil Engineers and as an Applications Engineer and Assistant Product Line Manager for Corning Optical Fiber before entering the Johnson School in 2005. Phil chose the SGE Immersion for its strategy focus and the opportunity to apply business principles to solve global problems in the practicum projects. Phil is currently a Manager of Business Development with Corning Incorporated where he works in exploratory markets and technology to match global problems with Corning’s ability to discover solutions.

Raghuram Dharmaraju

MBA 2007 – The Johnson School at Cornell University

Raghuram came to the Johnson School specifically to work with the CSGE and embraced the concepts of sustainable development in the private sector as a strategic issue for business growth. Raghuram came to Johnson following an MS in Civil Engineering from IIT-Madras and 5 years of experience as a traffic engineer. During his time at Johnson he built connections with the Cleantech Venture Network and attended multiple conferences on topics of clean technology and renewable energy. He continues this interest today in his position with Corning Incorporated.

Colin Dreizin

MBA 2007 – The Johnson School at Cornell

Carrie Mae George

MBA 2007 – The Johnson School at Cornell University

Practical experiences in CSR and sustainable innovation. We worked with DuPont and creating an internal guideline for sustainable approaches. I work for a firm that monitors supply chains and consults on how to manage and improve the supply chain dynamics. I think the SGE pre-term set me up to want to make “leaps” and while our main term project was less than practical, it made me realize how the industry can be so slowed by internal politics.

Vivian Hoffmann

PhD Candidate in Applied Economics, 2008 – Cornell University

Vivian enrolled in the SGE Immersion during her MS/PhD studies to develop an understanding of the business perspective on international development. Vivian plans to conduct policy-oriented research on poverty and health issues as part of her PhD work, and her Immersion project to assist with new Base of the Pyramid business development in Kibera, Kenya with S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc. provide a unique field experience to build private sector connections in Afrcia. Vivian has also consulted to the World Bank in Tanzania and Ethiopia. She plans to complete her PhD in May 2008.

Daisuke Kambe

MPA 2007 – Cornell Institute for Public Affairs

Following graduation Daisuke began work for BASF in Japan. He works in Corporate Development where he deals with the many strategic projects that affect the company as a whole. Sustainable Development is one of our major strategic pillars for BASF’s growth, and Daisuke frequently interacts with corporate headquarters Germany to make investments to develop renewable energies and materials.

Caren Kang

MBA 2007 – The Johnson School at Cornell University

Christina Keller

MBA 2007 – The Johnson School at Cornell University

Prior to Johnson, Christina was a Project Manager for Environmental Resources Trust, an NGO focused on renewable energy and carbon dioxide emission reduction and renewable energy certificates certification and trading. While there she managed projects in Africa piloting small solar project emission reduction bundling for sale under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol. She presented her team’s findings at a UNFCC Climate Change Conference. Currently, Christina works as a consultant in New York City for Polaris Management Partners.

Sean Miskell

MPA 2007 – Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA)

Following his undergraduate degree at Cornell, Sean participated in the SGE Immersion and worked as a Research Assistant at the CSGE while pursuing his MPA degree. Since graduation he has begun work as a PhD candidate at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University focusing his research on international relations and public policy. His research builds on the connections and concepts of sustainability and development that were addressed in the Immersion.

Stefan Muller

MBA 2007 – The Johnson School at Cornell University

T. Keyzom Ngodup

BA: Cornell Class of 2005
MPA: Cornell Class of 2006

After completing CSGE, Keyzom worked at the United Nations Capital Development Fund where she served as the agency’ focal point for CGAP led Quality of Aid Management index for Microfinance (QAMM) as well as contributed towards the agency’s larger mandate of promoting inclusive financial sector. After a year of service, Keyzom moved to India to work for Intellecap, a multiple bottom line consulting company that seeks to enable institutional capacity building and investments in the development sector through innovative and focused initiatives such as capital advisory services, rural venture capital, innovation management, strategic consultancy, market research, and policy advocacy among others.

Mahesh Phadns

MBA 2007 – The Johnson School at Cornell University

John Renehan

MBA 2007 – The Johnson School at Cornell University

John founded EnVision Leadership following his graduation from the Jepson School of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond. EnVision is dedicated to developing inclusive leadership programs for students. John served as the Executive Director for five years before he entered the Johnson School as a Park Leadership Fellow. John is currently in the Renewable Energy Leadership Program at GE in Schenectady, NY, and currently sits on the Board of Directors at EnVision Leadership.

Thomas Stebbins

MBA 2007 – The Johnson School at Cornell University

Thomas came to the Johnson School after working for PBS/WGBH as a National Publicist for the NOVA, Masterpiece Theatre and Antiques Roadshow programs. While involved with the SGE Immersion he connected with many players in the renewable energy sector, and following graduation took a full-time offer from Horizon Wind Energy as a Project Manager. He currently manages the engineering, layout, land acquisition, permitting, budget, construction, politics, PR and general development of a proposed $100m wind farm in Western New York.

Rodrigo Teixeira

MBA 2007 – The Johnson School at Cornell University

Zachary Tofias

MBA 2007 – The Johnson School at Cornell University

Working in Quality Improvement and Preventure Funding in Healthcare, Zachary came to Cornell for its focus on sustainable development and the private sector. Currently Zachary works for the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Climate Initiative in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia performing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enable economic growth in the region.

Daniel Zook

MBA 2007 – The Johnson School at Cornell University

Daniel came to the Johnson School to focus his work on the intersection of business and economic development, particularly in small business development in emerging markets. This desire came from his professional experiences as an independent consultant and from his work with Plan International to build microfinance programs in Vietnam. While at Johnson, Daniel worked with the CSGE on small business linkages in South Africa, market entry strategies in Morocco, and energy evaluation projects in Rwanda. Daniel is currently employed with Standard Chartered Bank in Dubai as a Business Planning Manager.