Johnson Kicks Off MBA at Cornell Tech

Inaugural class gathers in New York City for instruction at Cornell NYC Tech campus

Johnson Kicks Off MBA at Cornell Tech

Members of the inaugural class of Johnson at Cornell University’s new MBA program at Cornell NYC Tech came together for the first time in New York City, on March 29 and March 30, 2014. Of the 42 members of the class, 38 traveled to New York City for the kickoff weekend, from as far as London.

Students in the inaugural class hail from a number of industries and companies, ranging from established “big tech” firms, such as Google, to innovation teams within MasterCard, to start-ups, to medicine, to independent film making. All possess a deep understanding of how technology and business intersect in the global digital economy.

The weekend opened with a reception at the Cornell Club, where students greeted their classmates, and were welcomed by Johnson Dean Soumitra Dutta.

“Cornell Tech is the most exciting and most innovative project in higher education today,” Dutta said. “Clearly you, the MBA students, are very important to this vision—you are pioneers who will help create this vision and bring it to reality.”

Vladimir Lokshin, CEO of San Francisco-based Darwinapps and a member of the inaugural class, shared his excitement among those who would shape Johnson, Cornell Tech, and graduate business education for the digital economy.

“The visions are aligned for what any new program or start-up business needs in order to be successful” he said. “It means a lot to the MBA program to have success stories, and it means everything to us to become those success stories.”

Garry Lyons, chief innovation officer at MasterCard, talked to the MBA at Cornell Tech class about the creation and evolution of MasterCard Labs, and demonstrated several of its products. When asked about the career path that led him to MasterCard Labs, Lyons advised the MBA students to “put up their hands” for any project that will diversify their knowledge and background, while in their 20s, without worrying about how much they are being paid. “If you get the experience, opportunities will come,” Lyons said.

The MBA at Cornell NYC Tech is a rigorous, one-year program that combines business and technology in a dynamic environment. The program immerses students in New York City’s flourishing tech ecosystem, where they continuously work on projects with global businesses and start-up ventures, fusing applied science with management science.

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