Johnson MBAs Honor Top Professors

Core faculty awards recognize teaching excellence in required MBA courses

Johnson MBAs Honor Top Professors

Students in Johnson’s two Ithaca, New York-based MBA programs this month recognized two professors for teaching excellence in the required “core” courses. The core faculty awards went to the professors who best foster learning through lecture, discussion, and coursework.

Robert LibbyThe two-year MBA class of 2014 selected Robert Libby, the David A. Thomas Professor of Management and professor of accounting, to receive its Core Faculty Award. Libby teaches the required financial accounting course. 

Among the comments submitted by class members were:

“Best professor I've ever had for any class I've ever taken. I wish Professor Libby taught more classes.”

“Who knew accounting could be so interesting?”

 “You are awesome—so much so that if you taught intermediate accounting, I would subject myself to the pain.  Great Job...We (Johnson students/faculty/staff) are lucky to have you. 

“Thanks for making learning fun.”                       

Students in Johnson’s one-year MBA program, for those with advanced degrees or specific professional certification, selected Allan M. Filipowicz as their top core curriculum professor. Filipowicz, clinical professor of management and organizations, teaches “managing and leading organizations” for one-year students, during their intensive core experience in the summer months.

Students praised Filipowicz with comments, such as:

“You have one of the clearest teaching styles I've seen.”

“You were one of the most thought-provoking, insightful instructors I've had at Cornell University.”

“Loved your style of teaching—very interactive and informative.”


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