Johnson Releases iPad App

App offers prospective students a rich, dynamic connection to the Johnson MBA experience 

Johnson Releases iPad App

The Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University has recently launched an interactive iPad app. Shaped by and reflective of the School’s close-knit, collaborative community, the free app features students and alumni and provides valuable information to prospective students.

Students participating in the Immersion and Consulting Programs  regularly contribute to the app. These updates and articles showcase firsthand student experiences, ranging from MBA internship and full-time career opportunities, to thriving in Johnson’s rigorous, performance learning-based curriculum.

Students and alumni also take app users on an interactive tour of the school, through videos and images, while bringing its programs, people, and unique learning opportunities to life.

“Developed primarily for prospective students but also exciting for our current Johnson community, the app is truly unique,” said Randy Allen, associate dean for international and corporate relations. “It offers an ongoing connection to the opportunities that shape life as a Johnson MBA student.”

The app allows users to explore Johnson’s MBA programs and select criteria, such as previous work experience and preferred number of years to complete the program, to choose the program that best suits their needs. It also highlights the many opportunities for – and benefits of – performance learning, the cornerstone of Johnson’s curriculum.

App users also get easy access to information about the following elements of the Johnson MBA:

·        The Immersion Program and potential career paths for its participants

·        Alumni and Cornell Connections

·        The performance-learning environment and the opportunities that come with bridging theory and practice

·        Johnson’s intense, collaborative community  

·        The Career Management Center and companies recruiting at Johnson     

·        Leadership

·        Diversity and inclusion

·        Admission FAQs

·        Application requirements


The app is currently available for download on the iPad and iPad mini in the App Store.



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