Undergraduate Stock Pitch Challenge Brings Top Schools to Johnson’s Parker Center

Students from Harvard, Wharton, and Cornell took top honors in the second annual competition

Undergraduate Stock Pitch Challenge Brings Top Schools to Johnson’s Parker Centerinline-block

Held September 24 to September 25, 2012, at the Statler Hotel, the 2nd annual Undergraduate Stock Pitch Challenge ended favorably for Cornell University, whose team secured a spot in the final three. The competition challenged teams of three participating students from each school to pitch stocks. This year, all the teams pitched Chipotle Mexican Grill’s stock in the first round, and a choice of four stocks in the education and training services industry—Devry, Bridgepoint, Apollo, and Corinthian— in the second round. Teams from Harvard, Wharton, Cornell, Dartmouth, MIT, and Columbia participated in the competition, which was sponsored by Fidelity Investments and Putnam Investments, both of whom sent judges to the event. The team from Harvard won the challenge, while the Wharton team received second place, and Cornell, third.

Representing Cornell were David Blumin,’13; Richard Horgan,’14, and Lindsay Rosenstein, ‘13. All are students in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Hosted by the Parker Center for Investment Research, the competition is just one example of how the center is increasingly working with undergraduate students from Cornell University, as well as other schools, to expose them to the investment research and asset management resources that it has to offer.

The Parker Center provides MBA students the unique opportunity of managing real money for real investors, of interacting on a business level with investment professionals, and of being exposed to the faculty's world-class research findings in equity valuation and capital markets. By opening up the Parker Center to undergraduate clubs and interested students, advising undergraduates, and inviting them to participate in the stock pitch competition, the Parker Center is furthering its educational mission, and expanding to the Cornell community at large.

“We are delighted to be working with undergraduates both from Cornell University and other schools, through events like the Undergraduate Stock Pitch Challenge,” said Lakshmi R. Bhojraj, the Breazzano Family Executive Director of the Parker Center for Investment Research. “The Parker Center’s resources and corporate relationships in the area of investment management are substantial, and it makes a lot of sense for us to extend those benefits to bright undergraduates and to help educate them and connect them to industry.”

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