Positive Thinking Boosts Performance

Corning, Inc., executive shares the power of affirmation in her talk, “You are Amazing!”

Positive Thinking Boosts Performance

By Mei wa Poon

Judy Rowe, Global Security Project Manager for Corning, Inc., invigorated a room of female MBA students and prospective students on October 17, with her energy, positivity, and steps for putting your best foot forward every day. Rowe led a seminar titled “You’re Amazing!” during Johnson Women in Business, an annual education and networking event, sponsored by Johnson’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Judy Rowe, Corning, Inc..

Rowe’s career path has been nothing but diverse and non-linear. One of her keys to high performance:  positive reassurance.  When you look at yourself in the mirror, Rowe said, the first thing you tell yourself often drives how the day will go. When you make simple statements to yourself, you can change your behavior and the course of your day.

Affirmations that make a difference:

  • “You got it”
  •  “You deserve it”
  • “Play to your strengths”
  • “Help others along the way”
  • “Know yourself and grow yourself”
  • “Fake it ‘til you make it”

There are many ways that we can incorporate small positive affirmations into our daily lives.  In addition to morning “mirror talk,” things to try include setting you often-used passwords to motivate you—as an example, p@yOFFvisaBY2015, to motivate you to reduce credit-card debt. Vision Boards are an excellent tool, as are old-fashioned sticky notes, and perhaps most importantly, developing a positive “community” of associates and friends to support you in your growth and goals.

Mei Poon, MBA ’16, is a first-year MBA student, currently focusing on careers in social impact, and environmental sustainability.  Prior to Johnson, she worked in JPMorgan’s Investment Banking and Corporate Finance divisions, and subsequently joined a CleanTech startup in Hong Kong to help raise funds for product launch. 

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