Christine Chang

Christine Chang


Age: 27
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Education: University of California, San Diego
Prior Employment: Accenture, The Walt Disney Company

Why I chose Johnson

I chose Johnson for its vast learning opportunities - “any person, any study.” I am a dual degree student! As a city girl and having attended a large public university, I also wanted to experience a small community for a few years.

Distinctions and Awards

No distinctions..... Superbly average.


December 03 2014

One Year Later

It’s been over a year since I first arrived at Johnson. Being a 2nd year is so much fun! It’s still super busy, but in a different way - leading a Career Work Group, being a TA, club leadership roles, being on the “other” side of the table for informational interviews with 1st years, and generally trying not to muck up. I love the stability of an established friend group that has your back, knowing which restaurants have such small portions that you must split 3 dishes among 2 people to become even somewhat full (I’m looking at you Koko), and knowing where the best peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are (Wegman’s). And the first snow fall of the year is making me reflect...

Standing here more than one year removed from the start of business school, it’s astounding how different my thinking is (in a good way) compared to when I first began. The best proof of the new skills and tools I’ve gained at Johnson is my internship at LinkedIn this past summer - a truly incredible experience. I got to work with web developers, instructional designers, product managers, and had to muster all my past work experience and new learnings from 1st year of b-school to have a successful summer. I called upon things I learned in Managerial Finance, Managing & Leading Organizations, Statistics, Market Research, and Management Cases. One of the things I worried about when I made the decision to go to business school was if it would be “worth it.” But this past summer proved to me that it has been “worth it” a thousand times over.

It was my first time working in the tech industry, and coming from entertainment and consulting, I knew I was in for a change. The office had a swing and video arcades! Programmers wore sweatpants at work! The free food was amazing! The CalTrain pass was unlimited! The exercise classes were great! (Okay, I’m lying, I never went to the gym or exercise classes, but I would pass fit people huffing and puffing while on my way to get my 3rd chocolate-y snack of the day).

The campus recruiting team at LinkedIn made sure it was a great experience outside of the great work I got to do. The MBA interns had a glamorous camping (“glamping”) trip, a San Francisco food tour, and a day tasting wine in Napa. Oh, and we learned how to make truffles from the LinkedIn dessert chef!  The undergrads were a zillion times better at it than we were. They even made truffles that looked like animals. Ours looks like haphazardly rolled messes (see photo below for proof). MBAs: Keeping it high quality in all we do.

One of the coolest things that happened over the summer was “Intern Day,” where LinkedIn flew parents in and we got to demo our summer internship projects in a fair. My parents flew up from Los Angeles, and proceeded to horribly embarrass me by trying to find me a husband, taking a nap in a cafeteria, and a litany of other things I won’t go into here. I couldn’t even pretend they weren’t mine, since they wore big ol’ name tags that said “MY INTERN IS: CHRISTINE CHANG”... Still gotta love them though. ☺

But b-school doesn’t change everything. I’m still fully myself (for better or worse) - my capstone presentation on my internship project to the head of my group (Global Talent) included a GIF of Britney Spears (not something I learned in business school) and other similar flourishes.

Final words from the summer, via a wall at the LinkedIn offices...

P.S. Here’s a picture of the hot sauce rack in one of the LinkedIn cafeterias, just because it’s awesome.



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