Joshua Jefferies

Joshua Jefferies

Two-year MBA '17

Age: 29
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Education: Rhodes College, Memphis, TN
Prior Employment: The Posse Foundation, Atlanta

Why I chose Johnson

I chose Johnson because the program offers a high-powered MBA experience situated within a world-class university. Given my interests in human resource strategy, I am excited to take courses at Cornell’s renowned School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR).

Additionally, Cornell’s Human Capital Case Competition team, which is composed of both MBA and MILR students, has won the last three competitions.

Lastly, Cornell’s campus is very beautiful – this is quite a scenic setting to learn in!

Distinctions and Awards


February 03 2016

Lessons in Leadership from the Posse Foundation

In November 2015, I was honored to be a guest presenter for Johnson’s newly-created REDTalks series. Launched in fall 2015, REDTalks offers MBA students an opportunity to share knowledge, along with personal and professional stories, in alignment with the collaborative spirit of Johnson at Cornell.

In my talk, I share lessons in leadership as program director at The Posse Foundation via personal experiences working with more than 350 high potential leaders in the Atlanta area. It includes time-tested lessons in leadership that are helpful for professionals of all ages.

I truly enjoyed the challenge of preparing the presentation, and having an opportunity to connect with my classmates on a deeper level. Be sure to check out my presentation.

Join us for additional REDTalks as we share our passion, hobbies, interests, travels, family, and professional lessons.

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