Debra Yoo

Debra Yoo

Two-year MBA '16

Age: 32
Hometown: Chicagoland, IL
Education: Columbia University

Why I chose Johnson

The people at Johnson—and not just other students, but also faculty, staff, partners and all other community members—are what makes the school an amazing and inspiring place to be. We’re all in Ithaca to learn and forge connections with each other. The collaborative and supportive environment at Johnson fosters those authentic connections and relationships.

Distinctions and Awards

  • Forté Fellow
  • 2015-16 Johnson Board Fellow
  • 1st Place Citi Integrative Case Competition, Finalist, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management Case Competition
  • 1st Place Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management Battle of the Brands


September 21 2015

The Cute and Loveable Pets of Johnson

Animals probably don’t enter your mind when you first think about business school, but the Johnson community is home to many beloved pets. I’ve been the proud owner of my dog, Stewie, for seven years. He’s a 10 year-old Bichon Frisé who romps around Ithaca and especially enjoys running on the Cornell Ag Quad.

With catI’m lucky to serve as president of the Johnson Pets Society (JPetS), a club that brings together pet owners and animal enthusiasts across Johnson. In addition to being the cutest club at Johnson (of course), we also host various events throughout the year. We recently sponsored a Sage Social where we moved our weekly festivities outdoors so students, staff, and faculty could bring their pets to campus to meet friends and colleagues. It was such a blast to meet everyone’s pets and a great way to get to know more members of the Johnson community. One 2nd year MBA student, Ali Rohrs, MBA ‘16, even brought her new unbelievably adorable kitten, Noodles.


L to R: Stewie, me, Eliza Buddenhagen ‘16, Georgia Maloney ‘16, Sydney Chernish ‘16, Megan Suarez ‘16

In addition to sponsoring the Sage Social, JPetS also reaches out to the broader Ithaca community by working with the Tompkins County SPCA. The SPCA is an amazing organization that Johnson students frequently volunteer at, either through dog walking, animal fostering, or even providing accounting services! In the past, JPetS has helped clean facilities and assembled dog beds for the organization. We’ve also attended training sessions hosted by one of SPCA’s animal behaviorist and, of course, spent time socializing with the loveable animals available for adoption.

Milstein and Dog

Mark Milstein, Director of the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, with Auggie

Arnab and dog

Arnab Mukherjee, MBA ’15 socializing with adoptable dogs at the SPCA


Johnson students busy assembling dog beds for the Tompkins County SPCA

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  • Marketing Association Trek
  • Strategic Marketing Immersion Trek


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  • This American Life
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  • Serial

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