Sam Panini

Sam Panini

Executive MBA Metro NY '17

Age: 34
Hometown: Johnson City, Tennessee
Education: University of Tennessee
Current Employment: American International Group

Why I chose Johnson

I was intrigued by the unique format of the Cornell Executive MBA Metro NY program. Evoking the close-knit community culture of “gorgesIthaca, NY, and reinforced by the residential sessions, the Cornell EMBA program takes a step away from the hustle-and-bustle of New York City.

Led by world-class professors on Saturday and Sunday, the program includes an understatedly essential overnight retreat at Dolce Palisades, providing space and opportunity for spontaneous “interstices.” This allows for intra-class networking, concentrated study sessions, and – most importantly – relationship building. Diverse and accomplished alumni, elite-but-not-elitist Cornell ethos and program values made the choice of Johnson clear for me.


March 16 2016

36.4% Done

Last summer at the Ithaca Yacht Club on the west shore of Cayuga Lake, my cohort, a group of nearly six dozen students that knew each other for a day, chanted, “Two more years!” Eight months later, we have completed 36.4% of the 22 month Cornell Executive MBA Metro NY program.

It feels like we were different people then. I know I am. I am excited to conclude our last two classes of the first-year curriculum. After six classes, I am much better prepared than I was before statistics with David Juran. I have a beer stein and a token. If my pride in that isn't apparent, I'm practically beaming.

I have learned a lot; in the classroom at Palisades and in Ithaca, with my classmates and about myself. I’ve learned about the finer points of management and academic theory, what to pay attention to, and what to let slide. I started adopting frameworks and concepts and applying them the week after. I think I can explain what a p-value is, economic rent, and an income statement to a curious party. It's true, operations will ruin your life, but not for the reasons you think.

I'm pleased with my progress and know this is something I can do with the help of my teammates, because sustaining those formal and informal connections has been vital to my success.

I hear marketing drives sales and I think it will be important to understand the time value of those hard-earned dollars.

Let's get this done.

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