Edward Heslop

Ed Heslop

Chief Executive Officer, Environmental Credit Corporation 

Prior to joining Environmental Credit Corporation, Ed co-founded Ecovation and served as Chairman, CEO, President and Chief Operating Officer. Ecovation, an innovative technology early stage growth company in the wastewater and energy sector, completed an $18(+)mm venture financing in 2003. Previously, Mr. Heslop co-founded several companies, including Paracelsian, Inc., a biotechnology company. Paracelsian progressed from founding through several rounds of financing, culminating in an initial public offering in 22 months. Previous companies founded were smaller manufacturing/wholesale marketing businesses. Mr. Heslop serves on the Advisory Board for the Applied Economics and Management program (accredited undergraduate business program) and the Executive Council for the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, both for Cornell University. Mr. Heslop received an A.A.S. degree from Cobleskill Agricultural and Technical College and both B.S. and M.S. degrees from Cornell University.

Environmental Credit Corp. ("ECC") is a leading supplier of high quality environmental credits to emerging global financial markets. ECC recently completed and announced an agreement to deliver to American Electric Power over 4.6 million tons of carbon off sets derived from approximately 200 agricultural projects ECC is developing. In addition ECC is active in fuel switching, sequestration, and renewable fuel power generation focusing on reducing or avoiding greenhouse gas emissions. A component of these activities includes both the development of appropriate and approved protocols and ultimately the monetization of the emission reductions.

Ed Heslop Discusses Background of His Company, Environmental Credit Corporation