Sanjay Behuria

Senior Professional Fellow, Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise
Executive Director, Livelihood BASIX Inc.

Sanjay Behuria

Sanjay Behuria is the Executive Director of Livelihood BASIX Inc., a strategic partner of BASIX Social Enterprise Group of India responsible for executing multi-country development initiatives in the areas of livelihood promotion through capacity building and knowledge dissemination in the areas of agricultural and rural finance; skill building and vocational training; access to finance and financial sector development.

Behuria has senior executive level banking experience for over 30 years – in the areas of general banking, credit, investment and treasury. For the past five years he has been leading KBS Local Area Bank in India as the Board Director.

Behuria has worked in international and multicultural environments for the last 22 years with extensive experience in South Asia, Middle East and Africa. He has lived and worked in Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE and USA. He has also delivered consulting contracts in Namibia, Palestine, Maldives, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Peru, Mexico and Bangladesh.

He has worked on projects sponsored by USAID, Gates foundation, Ford foundation, UNCDF and UNDP.