SGE at Destination Johnson

by Elaina Dionisopoulos, MBA'12 (5/29/11)

Elaina Dionisopoulos, MBA'12

SGE students welcome the incoming class of 2013 at Destination Johnson.

Many excited and engaged prospective students participated in Destination Johnson the weekend of April 8th-10th.  At the club fair we met future SGE Johnson students from around the country and around the world.  Chapter House, a popular venue for the Sustainable Global Enterprise crowd, hosted the continued festivities as we welcomed the class of 2013.

I was inspired by the passion and creativity of the inbound ideas. Their zest for achievement in the sustainability space was infectious and gave the current class the motivation we needed to continue working on our SGE Immersion projects. 

The incoming class will bring a comparable number of students interested in sustainable business initiatives, and the meet-and-greet lunch on Saturday well represented that interest as eight SGE classmates hosted tables to talk to students about their diverse goals in business.  My one-on-one conversations with students highlighted Johnson’s achievement in building a strong reputation through faculty and curriculum for education in this space.  We are eager to see the ways in which different leaders emerge from our school to influence and improve the business environment.  A warm welcome to the incoming class of 2013.