Feb 13 2018

The Importance of Climate Change on the Business School Syllabus

Professor Mark Milstein explains the importance of teaching impact of climate change to MBAs

Jan 25 2018

Maya Wolf: why she chose Johnson and her commitment to making a positive impact

Real Human of the Cornell Johnson MBA Class of 2019.

Jul 28 2017

New Jersey tackles food waste and hunger — for the climate

State laws mandating food waste reductions create business opportunities for recyclers, composters, and others says center director, Mark Milstein

May 05 2017

Doing the Right Thing

Entrepreneurs who reap the rewards of launching social enterprises shared their stories at Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration 2017.

Jan 31 2017

Spotlight on business sustainability in the Cornell College of Business

Cornell is a global leader in sustainable and climate change research, teaching, and engagement.

Jan 23 2017

Conscientious Choices: How fair trade benefits businesses, producers, and consumers

Fair Trade CEO Paul Rice offered a visionary’s view of the emergence and future of the fair trade movement at the College of Business Predictions event in San Francisco.

Jan 23 2017

Addressing the Role of Business in Generating Food Waste

The Rockefeller Foundation awards Mark Milstein and the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise a grant focused on helping businesses reduce food waste.

Nov 10 2016

B Lab Envisions a Global Culture Shift

Co-founder Jay Coen Gilbert outlined B Lab’s strategy to grow “a global movement of people using business as a force for good” when he spoke on campus as a Leader in Sustainable Global Enterprise.

Nov 01 2016

Cornell Energy Connection Explains Changes in The Energy Industry, Promotes Collaboration

The Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise and Cornell Energy Club recently hosted its seventh annual Cornell Energy Connection event.

Oct 05 2016

Helping Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs Grow

Cornell Energy Connection 2016 keynote speaker and renewable energy champion Jigar Shah outlined challenges and opportunities in the sector.

Jun 29 2016

In Memoriam: Kavya Krishna (April 7, 1984 – March 27, 2016)

As part of the 2011 SGE Immersion cohort and broader Johnson community class of 2012, we continue to think of Kavya and the lifelong lessons she left with us.

Jun 06 2016

Celebrating Leadership in Sustainable Global Enterprise at Johnson

The Samuel C. Johnson Award in Sustainable Global Enterprise for Individual Leadership and Team Impact were awarded during the Dean’s Brunch. 

May 12 2016

One Week in Bangkok

The 2016 Mai Bangkok Business Challenge.

May 11 2016

Rizwan Quraishi, MBA'16, Wins First Place in Morgan Stanley Campus Photo Competition

Winning image captures early mangrove saplings coming to life, taken on an eco-tour with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) along the Makran Coastal Highway in Pakistan

Apr 19 2016

Who Will Pay? Covering the Cost of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

World Bank speaker Ajay Narayanan believes both the private and public sectors will have to ante up to cover major development costs associated with the impact of climate change on low-income countries.

Apr 12 2016

Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration Showcases Johnson Alumni, Thought Leadership, and Innovation

Johnson to host sessions on family business, the energy industry and climate change, food entrepreneurship, and more

Mar 18 2016

Local Concerns Address Food Insecurity, Sustainability, and Accessibility

Representatives of Rocky Acres Community Farm, Anabel’s Grocery, and Wegmans participate in a food industry panel moderated by Alexa Ing Stern, MBA ’17, at the Cornell University Social Impact Conference.

Mar 02 2016

The Future of Clean Energy: Achieving Resilience

With traditional energy prices falling, the renewables sector struggles to remain competitive while maintaining a focus on long-term growth.

Jan 04 2016

Inside Patagonia, Inc., with Vincent Stanley

MBA students spent a Saturday morning with the storied firm’s director of Philosophy and long-time employee

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