Oct 14 2017

Impact and Profitability in Dialogue: Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry’s Global Director of Social Mission, Rob Michalak, joined the Sustainable Global Enterprise Club late September to talk about the intersection of product, people, and planet at the ice cream company.

Sep 27 2017

A Roller Coaster of a Year: From Complete Disorientation to an Amazing Summer Internship

Career choices can be overwhelming but by focusing on those things that are important to you will help you identify the career path that is right for you.

Sep 05 2017

Adding Value beyond Our Area of Expertise

Learning how to best add value as an MBA student to a business owner who knows the ins and outs of their business.  

Aug 01 2017

Gaming and Sustainability

Exploring in the SGE Immersion how the gaming industry can improve its reputation by leveraging its sustainability program.

Jul 25 2017

Inspired by SGE and the Johnson Community

How I’ve drawn from Johnson lessons to succeed at my internship.

Jul 19 2017

Building Mumbai’s Largest Veterinary Hospital

My experience at the Johnson Graduate School of Management since last fall has been preparing me for my summer internship with Tata Trusts to build a state-of-the-art veterinary teaching hospital in Mumbai, India.

Jul 13 2017

Creating a New Currency for a Local Market

Helping entrepreneurs adapt to the uncertainties of the complex business environment is very rewarding.

Jun 29 2017

Patagonia Provisions Case Competition- The Power of Regenerative Organic Agriculture

Leveraging the research and expertise at Cornell to propose building a new kind of food system.

Jun 20 2017

Learning by Coaching: Reminders from Big Red Microenterprise

Realizing the value of curiosity and engaged listening.

Jun 09 2017

Secrets, Grit and Execution

How the SGE immersion prepared me for my internship as a strategy consultant

May 22 2017

Should you consider Sustainable Global Enterprise if you want to go into Brand Management?

Being a Brand Management Intern for the world’s biggest board game brand was the highlight of my professional experience so far, but how much did the SGE Immersion really help in contributing to a successful summer internship? 

Apr 17 2017

Innovating for the Long Term: Sustainable Enterprise in NYC

In early March, the entire Sustainable Global Enterprise (SGE) Immersion 2017 cohort descended on New York City to visit seven very different organizations that are engaging with sustainability issues in a wide variety of ways.

Apr 10 2017

Three Takeaways from the Cornell Business Impact Symposium

After finishing the bulk of Johnson’s core curriculum, I was pleased to attend the   Cornell Business Impact Symposium , co-hosted by the   Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise , on March 25. I came to Johnson to transition from the non-profit sector, so anything with the words ...

Feb 16 2017

From the Northwest to New York: Following the Clean Energy Standard

Geoff Johnson finds utility for utility-scale solar as New York's energy vision continues to reform.

Feb 06 2017

Combining Passions in Pursuit of a Dream

Every great journey begins with a step, and with enough of them, you can run a marathon. My hope is that the past two years will lead to an ever-fulfilling finish.