Green Building at Cornell

by Robert Matelski III, MBA '12 (3/1/11)

Robert Matelski III, MBA '12

The Green Building & Development Affinity Group tours Weill Hall, a LEED Gold certified building on the Cornell University campus.

On February 16th, the Green Building & Development Affinity Group had a tour of Weill Hall, a LEED Gold certified building on the Cornell University campus.  Weill Hall, the Life Sciences lab and office building which was designed by renowned architect Richard Meier and was completed in 2008, was one of the first LEED certified buildings ever completed on our campus. 

Fourteen students, including four students from graduate programs outside of the Johnson School, were led by Todd Pfeiffer, Cornell University Facilities Director, through the building and shown many of the noteworthy design and construction features that enabled the project to attain Gold-level LEED certification.  Students were able to ask Mr. Pfeiffer questions every step of the way.  Mr. Pfeiffer proved to be an excellent tour guide, and was able to point out and explain the benefits of features such as the green roof, adaptive energy-efficient lighting, and the use of FSC-certified wood products.

While the students on the tour had varying degrees of green-building knowledge coming into the tour, the takeaways seemed to be the same for everyone across the board: Building a green building does not mean a sacrifice in functionality or design excellence, and building a green building actually can provide cost savings in the long run given the greatly decreased costs of operation.