Greg R. Allen
Two-year MBA '13

Greg was a financial advisor and personal banker in the four years prior to pursuing his MBA at Cornell.  Using sophisticated modeling tools, Greg developed and implemented comprehensive financial plans for his clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.  Since 2008, Greg has been actively involved in the Jewish National Fund, an international Non-Governmental Organization, where he worked on projects to alleviate water scarcity, towards the reforestation of the Carmel Mountains, and on an environmental and economic development project for the Negev Desert region in southern Israel.  Post-MBA, Greg plans to work in renewable energy, energy efficiency or a related industry.  He plans on taking a corporate finance role with an industry leader where he will work on determining the economic viability of such projects and developing the financing to make these projects a reality.

Greg earned a BS in Finance from the University of Maryland, College Park.  He also served in the Israel Defense Forces, primarily in counter-terrorist operations.