Jaime Jorge Martinez Soto
One-year MBA '13

Jaime worked two years for Procter&Gamble and then joined Mexico&rsquos oil & energy company, PEMEX, in the trading department negotiating millions of dollars a month in trading costs, which helped him understand how the energy market works. Jaime decided to be on the renewable side of the industry and came to Cornell to pursue a Masters in Chemical Engineering focused on Renewable Energy. After graduating last May he joined Johnson&rsquos community to do the AMBA program focused on sustainable enterprise.  He is seeking career opportunities to the renewable energy industry particularly in emerging markets. Jaime believes that the fast growth of these countries can only be sustainable if they use clean sources of energy to meet their increasing energy needs. Jaime enjoys of having a social life and doing outdoor activities, his main hobbies are playing soccer and jumping from high places, mostly skydiving.

Jaime holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana de Mexico and an MEng degree from the College of Engineering at Cornell University