Teyren M. Brown

Two-year MBA '14

Email: tmb265@cornell.edu

MBA 2014 Johnson School at Cornell University
B.A. Political Science University of California, Berkeley

After receiving a degree in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley, Teyren spent six years in marketing/branding roles in the legal services and wealth management industries. Teyren also has extensive experience working with non-profits and social enterprises to achieve their mission via the development and execution of marketing plans and corresponding business development campaigns.  She has had the opportunity to work on varying projects in Kenya and Afghanistan and currently, as a participant in Johnson's SGE Immersion, she is working on a development project in India that allows her to pursue her passion for the development of inclusive business models that engage the 'base of the pyramid' populations to alleviate poverty. 

Teyren's short term goals are focused upon a hybrid global marketing manager-sustainability position for a company that engages with the 'base of the pyramid', becoming key players in global development by selling products to improve health, nutrition and overall well-being in developing and emerging economies.