Hanson Z. Boyd

Two-year MBA '14

Email: hzb3@cornell.edu

MBA 2014, Johnson School at Cornell University
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2010, University of California Berkeley 

Hanson Boyd worked as an engineering consultant and project manager at CSE Engineering, an engineering firm specializing in power generation controls. He has worked on projects at Coal, Natural gas, biofuel, and hydro power plants. His interest in energy started early: building his own gas turbine in his garage while in high school. He is motivated to work on innovative ideas that provide solutions to the modern electric industry. To that effect, he comes to Johnson to continue a career in renewable energy generation and smart grid infrastructure. He enjoys educating and drawing interest in energy related topics and has given an educational presentation on power generation at Johnson. Hanson is currently vice president of traditional energy at the Energy Club and an officer of the outdoors club.