Brennan Whitaker Duty

Two-year MBA '15


MBA, 2015- The Johnson School at Cornell

B.A. International Economics, 2009- The Ohio State University, Columbus 

Brennan Duty has five years of international business experience with an emphasis on sustainable development and environmental finance. Before coming to Johnson, he was working in Brazil as the Commercial Manager at Sustainable Carbon, the largest developer of greenhouse gas emission reductions projects in Latin America. There, he grew the business to reach to hundreds of clients in 23 countries, and also led a re-branding effort that increased margins and changed the way the international carbon market interacted with SOCIALCARBON, a standard to measure socio-environmental performance of carbon projects. As a candidate for both the Emerging Markets Fellowship and an Environmental Finance and Impacting Investing Fellowship, Brennan is using the Immersion to study the intersection between finance and sustainable global enterprise.