Brendan Walsh Condit

Two-year MBA '15


MBA 2015, S.C. Johnson School of Management, Cornell University

BA 2005, Middlebury College

Brendan is a Middlebury College graduate with more than seven years of experience in marketing and advertising. Driven by his passion for outdoor activity and sustainable enterprise, Brendan has focused his attention over the last years on the outdoor/lifestyle apparel industry, environmentally responsible consumer products, and energy efficiency marketing. Leveraging his communications background, his goal in business is twofold: First, inspire consumers to make choices that are both satisfying and sustainable. And second, transform organizations by creating a culture of innovation for quality and sustainability &ndash a seamless fusion of products, lifestyle and values. The philosophy of the Johnson Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, treat environmental issues as unmet market needs and business opportunities, resonates powerfully with Brendan. In the SGE immersion, he hopes to acquire the tools and knowledge that will help him build a brand whose identity includes responsibility at its core.