Sierra E. Stewart

Two-year MBA '15


MBA 2015- The Johnson School at Cornell University

B.S. Business Administration, 2009- School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University

Sierra Stewart began her time at Cornell as a painting major before transitioning into the Hotel School and graduating with a degree in Hospitality/Business Administration.  Upon graduating she moved out to Santa Monica, CA to work for Hillstone Restaurant Group in their rotational management training program.  Over the past four years she has worked for Hillstone in 6 different cities, ultimately serving as the General Manager for Houston's Restaurant in Newport Beach, CA.  She returned to Johnson to pursue her MBA and to transition into a career within the consulting industry.  Her interests lie in helping for-profit organizations incorporate CSR and sustainability concepts into their long-term strategies and she hopes to someday start a business that will make a lasting positive social impact on the world.