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Lourdes CasanovaLourdes Casanova

Director  and Senior Lecturer of Management 
Email: lc683@cornell.edu
Telephone: 607) 254 1656

Babatunde Ayanfodun

Institute Coordinator
Email: ba279@cornell.edu
Telephone:(607) 255 1369

Marina Brockmann

EMI Volunteer
Email: mb2335@cornell.edu

Natalia Hernandez

Research Assistant
Email: jlw224@cornell.edu

Eudes Lopes

Research Assistant
Email: ecp96@cornell.edu

Christina Mendoza

Research Assistant

Michael Pocress

Research Assistant

Jennifer Wholey

Research Assistant
Email: jlw224@cornell.edu

Global Steering Committee

Veneta Andonova, Universidad de los Andes, Research interests: strategy, institutional analysis, start-ups ecosystems and multilatinas.

Taotao Chen, Tsinghua University, Research interests: foreign direct investment (FDI), international business, globalization and strategy.

Anabella del Rosario Dávila Martínez, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Research interests: culture and human resources management practices in Latin American organizations, human development and sustainability. Her work examines the social logic that governs Latin American business organizations.

Juana García, Universidad de los Andes, Research interests: international development and internationalization.

Moacir de Miranda Oliveira Junior, University of São Paulo (FEA-USP), Research interests: strategies and innovation in Brazil, internationalization of Brazilian and Latin American businesses, technology parks, clusters and innovation.

Cornell Steering Committee

Warren B. Bailey
Professor of Finance

Ya-Ru Chen
Faculty Director of China Executive Education Programs, Nicholas H. Noyes Professor of Management
Professor of Management and Organizations.

Nagesh Gavirneni
Area Coordinator of Operations Management, Emerson Professor of Manufacturing Management, Associate Professor of Operations Management

R. Richard Geddes
Associate Professor and Director of the Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy

Ming Huang
Professor of Finance, Cornell , and China Europe International Business School Shanghai, China

Shanjun Li
Associate Professor, Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management and Co-director, Cornell Institute for China Economic Research

Vithala R. Rao
Deane W. Malott Professor of Management, Professor of Marketing

John Tobin-de la Puente
CIPA-Dyson School Professor of Practice in Sustainability

Academic Fellows

Anne MirouxVisiting Scholar, has over thirty years of global experience in international trade, debt, foreign direct investment, technology and innovation for development. Until late 2015, she was Director for Technology and Logistics at UNCTAD, and Head of the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development Secretariat. She is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Technology and Management Centre for Development at Oxford University.

Tim DeVoogd is an academic research scientist and professor with 35 years of experience at Cornell and major universities throughout the world. He has published significant research on brain plasticity, brain evolution, and on the neuroanatomical substrates for learning. Also, he creates interchanges and collaborations between Cornell, universities and governments throughout Latin America. He directed Cornell’s Latin American Studies Program (2015 - 2015).

Eswar PrasadTolani Senior Professor of International Trade Policy, Cornell University, Senior Fellow and New Century Chair, Brookings Institution, Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research.

Research Fellows

Peter Cornelius, Managing Director, AlpInvest Partners

Nathalia Foditsch, Google PhD Fellow, Research interests: internet and telecom law and policy, market power in the ICT industries, social and economic effects of new technology related business models.

Gustavo Guimaraes, University of Lille 1 Sciences and Technology, Research interest: IT entrepreneur specialized in information intelligence and analytics.

Henning Hoeber, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, Research interests: corporate strategy and mergers & acquisitions, with a special focus on institutions from emerging markets. 

Evodio Kaltenecker, BBS Business School, Research interests: strategy, corporate strategy, innovation, multinationals from emerging markets, country analysis and political risk in Latin American and global value chains.

Samantha Rullán Rosanis, Universidad Veracruzana, Research interests: innovation, mobile phones, emerging multinationals and European Union integration process.

Contributing Faculty Members

Randy L. Allen, A.B., Physics, Cornell University - Teaching interests project courses with multi-national companies, Significant international consulting and management experience with Deloitte Consulting.

Lourdes Casanova, Ph.D., University of Barcelona - Specializes in international business with a focus on Latin America and multinationals from emerging markets.

Ya-Ru Chen, Ph.D., Columbia University - Research focuses on cross-cultural differences and similarities in employees' behaviors and attitudes.  She also looks at how status concerns affect leadership effectiveness and influence business interactions across cultures.

James R. Detert, Ph.D., Harvard University – Research interests: 1) the antecedents, processes, and outcomes of improvement-oriented voice from subordinates to authorities in work organizations; 2) leadership processes, behaviors, and outcomes; and 3) ethical decision making and behavior, particularly the sociocognitive processes and mechanisms of moral disengagement.

Glen W. S. Dowell, Ph.D., University of Michigan – Research interests: the interaction of firms with their natural, institutional, and competitive environments.

Vishaul Gaur, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania – Research interests: retail operations and supply chain management, including topics such as inventory management, product variety, distribution logistics, and linking operations to financial performance.

Melvin H. Goldman, MPA, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs - Research interests: international venture capital, industrial technology development and policy, and institutions of economic growth and development

Elizabeth A. Mannix, Ph.D., University of Chicago – Research interests: Effective performance in managerial teams, diversity in organizations and teams, power and alliances, negotiation and conflict, and organizational change and renewal.

Roni Michaely, Ph.D., New York University – Research: corporate finance, capital markets and valuation. His current research focuses on conflict of interest in the capital markets, corporations payout policy, and the pricing and optimal trading mechanisms of IPOs.

Mark B. Milstein, Ph.D., University of North Carolina – Research: how and why firms generate new business growth opportunities by treating social and environmental challenges as unmet market needs. His work includes private sector approaches to poverty alleviation and technology commercialization strategies to catalyze sustainable innovation.

Maureen O’Hara, Ph.D., Northwestern University - issues in market microstructure, and she is the author of numerous journal articles as well as the book Market Microstructure Theory.

Young-Hoon Park, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania – Research interests: analysis of behavioral data to understand and forecast customer shopping/purchasing activities, and to conduct customer relationship management.

Wesley D. Sine, Ph.D, Cornell University- Research focuses on the emergence of new economic sectors. He explores issues related to institutional change, industry and technology evolution, technology entrepreneurship, and new venture structure and strategy. He is currently researching entrepreneurship in emerging markets.

Jan H. Suwinski, MBA, Cornell University – Teaching: Strategic Operations Immersion as well as courses in Strategy and Strategic Alliances.

Robert J. Swieringa, Ph.D., University of Illinois – Teaching: corporate financial reporting, corporate governance, and the use of accounting information for decision making and performance evaluation.

Sachin Gupta, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

“The Emerging Markets Institute has attracted outstanding faculty who are true leaders in their fields of study.”

- Sachin Gupta, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs