The Emerging Markets Institute Fellows program offers a unique experience for bright and motivated Johnson MBA students to engage in:


To prepare and support business leaders who seek a competitive advantage to become experts in emerging markets.


  • academic credits (Johnson and non-Johnson courses are eligible)
  • Leaders in Emerging Markets course (1 credit course)
  • 1 study trip or one foreign language course plus a study trip or a semester abroad in an emerging market. 
  • Service to the EMI (e.g. write an article, a case study, participate in research projects, organize academic events, etc)

For more information on applying to the fellows program please read the EMI Fellows Program or send an email to ContactEMI@Cornell.edu


EMI Fellows can avail themselves of the Cañizares Fund and Cunningham Fund during their studies. 

Class of 2018

Amanda Louise Archila, Two-year MBA '18

Amanda Louise Archila

Two-year MBA '18

Gautam Arora, Two-year MBA '18

Gautam Arora

Two-year MBA '18

Bright Botchway, Two-year MBA '18

Bright Botchway

Two-year MBA '18

Kenneth Arturo Chan, Cornell Tech MBA '18

Kenneth Arturo Chan

Cornell Tech MBA '18

Ma. Nicola De Vera, Two-year MBA '18

Ma. Nicola De Vera

Two-year MBA '18

Nicholas Gavin Deaton, Cornell Tech MBA '18

Nicholas Gavin Deaton

Cornell Tech MBA '18

Alexander Dick-Godfrey, Two-year MBA '18

Alexander Dick-Godfrey

Two-year MBA '18

Crosby Ferris Fish, Two-year MBA '18

Crosby Ferris Fish

Two-year MBA '18

James Godbout, Two-year MBA '18

James Godbout

Two-year MBA '18

Fayrouz Hares, Two-year MBA '18

Fayrouz Hares

Two-year MBA '18

Christopher Hooper, Two-year MBA '18

Christopher Hooper

Two-year MBA '18

W. Brian Jung, Two-year MBA '18

W. Brian Jung

Two-year MBA '18

Kevin Kang, Two-year MBA '18

Kevin Kang

Two-year MBA '18

Rodrigo Vieira Kotzias, Two-year MBA '18

Rodrigo Vieira Kotzias

Two-year MBA '18

Jason Andrew Rainer, Two-year MBA '18

Jason Andrew Rainer

Two-year MBA '18

Chip Silverman, Two-year MBA '18

Chip Silverman

Two-year MBA '18

Andrew Witmore Vittetoe, Two-year MBA '18

Andrew Witmore Vittetoe

Two-year MBA '18

Rob Vulaj, Two-year MBA '18

Rob Vulaj

Two-year MBA '18

EMI introduced me to a London-based Pan African Private Equity firm for a summer position in strategic planning at a winery in Ethiopia.

- Max Kaye, Cornell Tech MBA '17
EMI Fellow

Student Groups

The Emerging Markets Institute maintains strong ties with student business associations, and often jointly plans speaking events and panel discussions, such as: