Cecilia Li He
MBA '14

Cecilia He was born and raised in Chongqing, China, and graduated from Xiamen University with a BS in financial management. Prior to attending Johnson, Cecilia He worked for KPMG in China, first as an assurance analyst and later as an associate in Corporate Finance department. In her role at KPMG Corporate Finance, Cecilia was involved in various M&A transactions and fairness opinion projects. Later Cecilia joined Groupon, a leading internet company, as one of the earliest employee to start up China office. During her stay in Groupon China, she was responsible for obtaining new business opportunities as a manager in business development department, as well as managing global strategic clients.

At Cornell Johnson, Cecilia is passionate about giving back to the community and she currently serves as the Vice President for the Old Ezra Finance Club. She is also an official Johnson social media ambassador and member of Class 2014 Campaign Committee. As an official Johnson blogger, her official blog for Johnson provided a lot of useful hand-on insights for prospective MBA students and often get quoted by Bloomberg BusinessWeek. As an Emerging Market Fellow, she hopes to gain valuable insights and perspective from leaders in emerging market.

She is looking to start her post-MBA career in finance. Her focus is investment banking, corporate development and private equity, with emphasis on international cross border deals.

Cecilia He Blog on Cornell MBA