Amanda Kaiman Wu
MBA '14

Amanda Wu MBA '14 was born in Hong Kong and raised in New York City. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Hofstra University. Immediately following graduation, she began her career at Lehman Brothers. She was also one of the few to transition to Barclays Wealth post bankruptcy and held an Assistant Vice President role. Through over five years of industry experience, she gained expertise in alternative investment products, particularly Hedge Funds and Private Equity. She helped oversee a $1.5 billion alternative investments platform and developed strategies to tackle operational efficiencies.


During her first year studies at Johnson, she was inspired with the emerging markets, particularly Brazil. Through hard work and luck, she received an opportunity with nonprofit Endeavor to work with one of the most dynamic technology companies in all of Brazil, Acesso Digital. During her assignment, she helped to develop five innovative solutions that will propel Acesso's revenues to over 350%. Her impact even transcended to the media, where she was interviewed by Global news, Brazil&rsquos news channel on how Brazilian companies are seeking students like Amanda to foster innovation and organizational changes.


At Johnson, Amanda is a Consultant in BR Consulting firm, career work group leader and a member of the Consortium. Amanda's native tongue is Cantonese and can also speak Spanish, French and Mandarin. In her spare time, she is an aspiring chef, an opera enthusiast and a language buff she also learned Portuguese during her internship in Brazil!