Arnab Mukherjee
Two-Year MBA '15

Arnab Mukherjee was born in Bombay and raised in New Delhi, in India, and graduated from Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Arnab started his career as an Analyst in the Energy and Auctions Practice at NERA Economic Consulting, a division of Oliver Wyman, where he spent the last seven years advising utilities and renewable energy companies on energy procurement, operational efficiency, and regulatory strategy and implementation. He was also a founding member of Oliver Wyman’s LGBT employee network, where he served as the chair for civic engagement for five years. He spent the summer as a Marketing Operations intern at Autodesk in San Francisco, CA, where we worked on analytics implementation to enable the marketing team to make data-driven decisions.

At Johnson, Arnab is continuing his passion about LGBT advocacy as an Out for Business board member. He serves as a Social Media Ambassador; you can follow him on Twitter @CornellMBA_AM. He also serves as the Co-Chair for Big Red Design Thinking, as well as on the board of the Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club. Arnab is part of the Sustainable Global Enterprise immersion at Johnson and is interested in the energy/clean-tech and high-tech industries.

In his free time, Arnab is often seen playing tennis and squash with his friends. He is a skiing and hiking enthusiast, and enjoys the outdoors. He loves traveling, and is an amateur photographer and Instagram addict. Arnab enjoys indie movies and music.