Larissa Muglia Wechsler
Two-Year MBA '15

Larissa Muglia Wechsler was born and raised in Brazil, and graduated from

State University of Campinas - UNICAMP with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. During her undergraduate course, she worked as a quality manager at the Motriz Junior Company and as a teaching assistant in the Machine Elements course. She also did her internship at BOSCH Company, supporting manufacturing and engineering activities in the production planning of injection valves, as well as in developing projects to improve the production processes. After graduation Larissa joined at Santander Bank through the trainee program. She chose to stay in the insurance area, becoming the manager of the life, personal accident and residential insurances, which has a portfolio of 1.8 million customers and generates revenues of $330 million annually. During this period, she launched a new life insurance grid, introducing an innovative product on the market cause-related product, in which part of the insurance premium is donated to the NGO &ldquoSe Toque&rdquo, which focuses on information and education about breast cancer. At the end of 2011, she was promoted and became the manager of credit life insurance for personal loans and credit card life insurance. Credit life insurance for personal loans is the market leader product, which is responsible for a portfolio of 2,5 million customers and generates revenues of $474 million annually, representing more than half of the revenue of all the insurance company. Credit life insurance is responsible for a portfolio of 4 million customers and generates revenues of $100 million annually. Larissa was also responsible for launching a new type of credit life insurance for overdraft and for credit cards, which are expected to generate $250 million in 3 years. She also implemented new pricing, included into the bank incentive tool and restructured enrollment of credit life insurance via internet banking generating a total incremental revenue of $41million.

Larissa loves running, diving, traveling and studying languages.

Personal Interest

I will be pursuing a career in Leadership &ndash General Management programs after Johnson and apply the lessons obtained during my previous experience in the finance and Brazilian market, my degree in mechanical engineering and the knowledge that I am acquiring during my MBA. In long-term, I expect to hold a leading international position in an Emerging Market country.