Momo Bi
Two-Year MBA '15

Momo Bi was raised in Shenzhen, China's first Special Economic Zone and home of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. She moved to the U.S. at age 16 and lived in several U.S. cities before moving to Washington DC for college. After graduating from the George Washington University's Elliott School, with a major in International Affairs and a minor in Political Science, she joined a boutique international consulting firm.  While there, she worked in the firm's Chinese headquarters in Beijing and US headquarters in DC. Prior to attending Johnson, Momo was leading a business unit to grow revenue and provide consulting services to high level clients in more than 10 countries across industries including Wells Fargo, Gulfstream and Lockheed Martin. While developing her career, she has also enjoyed volunteering for non-profit organizations to promote international cultures and security such as Global Languages Network, US ASEAN Business Council, and the Coalition for a Secure Driver's License. Momo is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. She enjoys international food and wine.