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Feb 19 2018

Resilience Distinguishes Emerging Market Economies

While China continues to solidify its lead, other emerging markets show steady economic growth in the Emerging Market Multinationals Report 2017 and in discussions at the 7th Annual Emerging Markets Institute Conference: “Emerging Multinationals in a Changing World

Dec 05 2017

Cornell Takes Second Place at Duke Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition

Cornell MBA's Madeleine Mc Dougall, MBA '19, and Crosby Fish, MBA '18, joined Seth Olson (MS, Applied Economics and Management, 2018) to participate in  the Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition hosted by Duke University . 

Nov 22 2017

Dr. Anne Miroux Speaks in China

Anne Miroux, Research Fellow at the Emerging Markets Institute spoke at the international symposium, jointly organized by the School of Economics and Management, Xi’an University of Technology and Transnational Corporations Council of Studies in Canada.

Jul 26 2017

One Belt and One Road Forum

Hosted by the Emerging Markets Institute, Wenzhou University delegates came to campus to discuss China’s Belt and Road economic development strategy.

Jun 28 2017

7th Brazilian Congress of Industry Innovation

Soumitra Dutta and Lourdes Casanova attend the global launch of the Global Innovation Index,, and present research on innovation in Brazil funded by the Brazilian Confederation of Industries (CNI).

Jun 11 2017

OECD EMnet Meeting on Latin America

On June 9th, Lourdes Casanova, Director of the the Emerging Markets Institute and Anne Miroux, EMI Faculty Fellow participated in the OECD Emnet meeting on Latin America, "Navigating Uncertainty: Strategies for Innovation and Growth".

May 28 2017

2017 Emerging Markets Institute Fellows Graduation Celebration

On Friday, May 26th the Emerging Markets Institute welcomed the families and friends of graduates to Ithaca for the Fellows Graduation Celebration to honor the achievements and success of the 42 EMI Fellows.

May 24 2017

A brief look at Brazil and Latin America: Innovating to Overcome the Crisis

"Brazil and Latin America: Innovating to Overcome the Crisis" event brought together intellectuals with diverse backgrounds, both to discuss the political context of Brazil and to propose solutions to the unfolding crisis.

May 22 2017

China & Latin America Forum

Lourdes Casanova participates in the China & Latin America Forum that provides a unique opportunity for renowned academics and researchers to discuss the future relations between the Chinese and Latin American regions.

May 03 2017

World Economic Forum: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Lourdes Casanova moderates panel, Argentina 2017 - Productive Latin America , during the World Economic Forum on Latin America 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

May 01 2017

Getting warmer: China and Latin America strengthen economic and cultural ties

Scholars convened by Johnson’s Emerging Markets Institute and Cornell’s Latin American Studies Program shared their views on “Sino–Latin American Relations in the Age of Trump.”

Apr 24 2017

Mobile Money, Financial Inclusion and Development in Africa

The symposium focused on addressing questions and issues within a multidisciplinary framework that covered the topics related to the trends in financial instruments, areas of tension and broader finance frameworks.

Apr 17 2017


The “Googley” culture of Silicon Valley companies didn’t always resonate with my staff, I found the no-nonsense leadership approach practiced by the US military to be particularly effective in my company.