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Feb 09 2017

The forum "Brazil and Latin America: Innovating to overcome the crisis" has the purpose of promoting a discussion on new alternatives to expand Brazil and Latin America initiatives on skills development, based on successful experiences and the role of the new players.

Feb 09 2017

EMI speaker and Humphrey Fellow Gopalakrishnan Veilumuthusamy detailed what happened when India, one of the world’s most cash-dependent countries, decided to get rid of its most valuable currency notes.

Jan 13 2017

Getting out of the Johnson One-Year program I realized I had changed somewhere, completely. The experience was so transformative, the support during and after the MBA so positive, that the only regret I have is that it was only 13 months!

Nov 29 2016

In his REDTalk, “School of Thought: Insights from Ghana,” Bright Botchway draws on his own life story to illustrate how education makes a difference.

Nov 22 2016

Supporting Johnson MBAs through decades of partnership with Colfuturo

Nov 10 2016

The Emerging Markets Institute’s 2016 conference and inaugural Emerging Multinationals Report convey powerful evidence of “a new global landscape” showing a sharp increase in emerging economies as foreign investors and a “blossoming of some of their firms as world champions.”

Oct 25 2016

Moments and highlights from the 2016 EMI Conference, Emerging Multinationals: Innovating to Compete

Oct 15 2016

The Emerging Market Multinationals Report (EMR) aims at contributing to a better understanding of the dramatic rise of emerging economies multinationals and its economic and societal implications. Download the complete report

Sep 06 2016

Roberto M. Cañizares '71, MBA '74, and Kenyattah A. Robinson, MBA '06, will be honored with Johnson’s Diversity Awards

Aug 15 2016

Soumitra Dutta, dean of the Cornell College of Business, is co-editor of the report, which ranks nations on their innovation capacity and results. 

Jun 14 2016

Graduating fellows honored and awarded for work and study in emerging markets

Jun 02 2016

The goal in our pilot study is to assess whether an education via digital media can help the educational outcomes of migrant workers’ children in China.

May 11 2016

Winning image captures early mangrove saplings coming to life, taken on an eco-tour with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) along the Makran Coastal Highway in Pakistan

May 05 2016

Johnson UAE Trek Spring 2016

Apr 25 2016

To revert current economic trends, Brazil will need a stable governing coalition that is willing to face reality and implement a reformist agenda.

Apr 01 2016

Leaders in Emerging Markets speaker Timothy Heyman, president of Franklin Templeton Asset Management Mexico, pointed to the importance of developing financial markets as a key to achieving economic growth in Mexico.

Mar 23 2016

The rise of Chinese influence in Latin America and the reasons for South-South collaboration

Mar 22 2016

 Data privacy is an important topic for emerging markets

Mar 16 2016

Diego Molano, Former Minister of ITC in Colombia, discusses the program that helped millions

Feb 29 2016

Juan Matienzo, EMI Fellow Candidate, delivers a REDtalk on how he applied creativity and persistence to land a unique and exciting job in the hospitality industry.