Fall 2015 Global Speaker: Bradley Horowitz

Bradley Horowitz, President and Chief Executive Officer of AMOREPACIFIC, U.S., holds more than 20 years of strategic, sales, marketing and management experience in the beauty industry. Horowitz joined AMOREPACIFIC as Chief Operating Officer in early 2012, and was named President and CEO AMOREPACIFIC, U.S. in June 2012. 

Fall 2015 Global Speaker: Bradley Horowitzinline-block
EMI Fellows, the Korea and Japan club participated in a dynamic discussion with Bradley Horowitz as he shared a presentation about how he focused on directing the company towards a significant growth trajectory to solidify the brand as a leading skincare authority in North America. He also talked about the history of AMOREPACIFIC, for over 65 years the company has introduced millions to the benefits of high performance skincare, blending the rarest and most potent Asian botanicals with cutting edge-technology and a global beauty philosophy that emphasizes a nurturing approach to optimal skin health. Using the highest level of care, AMOREPACIFIC cultivates the most potent skincare ingredients harvested from their own proprietary green tea gardens on Jeju Island (off the coast of Korea). In doing so, AMOREPACIFIC ensures the purity and potency of its products from planting to purchase. 
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