EMI Speakers

Nov 19 2015

Fall 2015 Global Speaker: David Panico

David Panico, MBA ’04, Managing Director, Head of M&A, Banco ABC Brasil/MKP.

Nov 03 2015

Fall 2015 Global Speaker: Greta Jacobs

Greta Jacobs, Director of Regulatory Compliance, Walmart Mexico and Central America.

Oct 19 2015

Fall 2015 Global Speaker: Bradley Horowitz

Bradley Horowitz, President and Chief Executive Officer of AMOREPACIFIC, U.S., holds more than 20 years of strategic, sales, marketing and management experience in the beauty industry. Horowitz joined AMOREPACIFIC as Chief Operating Officer in early 2012, and was named President and CEO AMOREPACIF...

Sep 28 2015

Fall 2015 Global Speaker: Roberto Cañizares

Roberto Cañizares '71 MBA ´74, Retired President of MSA International, Member of EMI's Executive Board and Advisory Group. 

Sep 08 2015

Fall 2015 Global Speaker: Eric Poncon

We began our Fall Global Speakers on September 8th, 2015 with Eric Poncon, Regional Director and Global Sustainability Advisor at ECOM Agroindustrial Corp.

May 28 2015

Emerging Services By Humberto Ribeiro, Visiting Scholar at the Emerging Markets Institute

Mr. Humberto Ribeiro, former Brazilian Secretary of Commerce and Services, believes that services will offer the largest entrepreneurial opportunities worldwide, as the market should expand by $50 trillion.

May 13 2015

Africa: The Final Investment Frontier? A presentation by Hemen Shah, Partner, 8 Miles LLP, UK

Hemen Shah, Partner with 8 Miles LLP, focuses exclusively on Africa for growth opportunities in the private equity market.

Dec 04 2014

Eliminating Toxins in International Electronics Supply Chains

Amber Thomas, MBA '15, MILR '15 interviewed Heather White, who is making a documentary on the health issues faced by Chinese factory workers in the electronics industry.

Nov 04 2014

The Political Economy of an Emerging Power: In Search of the Brazil Dream, by Lourdes Casanova

EMI Academic Director Lourdes Casanova launches a new book about the socio-political structure of Brazil.

Sep 16 2014

Winds Shaping the Future Business World – An Address From Arindam Bhattacharya, BCG Delhi

Head of the BCG Office in Delhi India, Arindam Bhattacharya, gave an address to Johnson students which demonstrated how market leaders sometimes do not act fast enough to the winds of change.

Anshuman Kumar, MBA '13

Through the Global Speaker Series, I met the executive vice president of strategy and corporate communications for Samsung Electronics North America. This was excellent preparation for my internship with Samsung Telecommunications America.

- Anshuman Kumar, MBA ’13
EMI Fellow