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Identifying potential opportunities in China’s geriatric care industries by reflecting upon current US models and future trends.

by Stephanie Hsi, MBA ‘14
Stephanie Hsi, MBA ‘14

The mai Bangkok Business Challenge: An Experience of a Lifetime

by Stephanie Hsi, MBA ‘14
Stephanie Hsi, MBA ‘14

Ukraine: Opportunity to Reform?

by Cecilia He, MBA ‘14
Cecilia He, MBA ‘14

Building a Small Business in Botswana - Prospecting for Profitability in Pork

by Bryson Saez, MBA ‘14
Bryson Saez, MBA ‘14

Opportunities and Challenges in Asia-Pacific: through the eyes of Sundeep Lal, Johnson ’98, VP of Strategy, BD and Innovation at Medtronic, the world’

by Andy Shen, MBA ‘14
Andy Shen, MBA ‘14

From Bentonville to Guangdong - How Walmart can leverage its key strengths to succeed internationally

by Matt De Paolo, MBA ‘14
Matt De Paolo, MBA ‘14

Economic Perspective from a Ukrainian National in Kiev

by Max Spivak, BS ‘07 MBA ‘14 MILR ‘15
Max Spivak, BS ‘07 MBA ‘14 MILR ‘15

Cornell’s Emerging Markets Institute Sponsors a team to join Semi-Finalists Competition in 2014 mai Bangkok Business Challenge @ Sasin

by Ginger Ku, MBA ‘14
Ginger Ku, MBA ‘14

A Tale of Two Countries - Does infrastructure capacity lead economic growth, or does it result from economic growth?

by Max Spivak, BS ‘07 MBA ‘14 MILR ‘15
Max Spivak, BS ‘07 MBA ‘14 MILR ‘15

“How Can Morocco Improve Its Economy Through Trade and Investment?”

by Richard J. Coyle, Executive Director, EMI
Richard J. Coyle, Executive Director, EMI

From January 3 through 12, 2014, a class of Johnson students visited Morocco as part of a study trip. Upon completion of their tour, students were assigned the task of writing recommendations for the Moroccan Minister of Economy & Finance, Mohamed Boussaid, as to how Morocco can improve its economy through trade and investment. Read More..

Steven Weber, MBA '12

“Through a course in international consulting, created by the Emerging Markets Institute, I was able to devise a Brazilian market entry strategy for a medical device company.”

- Steven Weber, MBA '12